Where To Buy Beautiful Kitchens Built In Cupboards Designs In Cape Town

Shaker kitchen cabinets are the best to use for kitchen built in cupboards designs in your home. Although high gloss kitchen cabinets come in black or white it’s always best to match the colours of the doors with the colour of the formica or granite kitchen tops. Ikea has some of the most modern kitchen designs in the world and use cutting edge design software to do their layouts with.

If you are looking for kitchen decorating ideas to renovate your existing kitchen there are magazines that can help you with that. If you are willing to put the effort in you can buy diy cupboard kits off the shelf from local kitchen manufacturing companies in Cape Town or Durbaville. Just rememebr to level your kitchen base units properly otherwise they won’t line up with your wall mounted units. Also use quality kitchen hinges like Blum or Grass as they have a life time guarantee on their products. Local kitchen companies also have wholesale cabinets that they sell at discounted prices to draw feet through their warehouse and get more exposure.

There are allot of handymen who do paint kitchen cabinets and that can also save you allot of money if you can paint. I personally prefer rustic kitchen cabinets are they make the small kitchen islands look rough. Their are websites like Houzz who has allot of kitchen design images and photos to get ideas from but if you want a rustic look in your home go for classic kitchens.

When doing a outdoor kitchen makeover use a good installer to fit your cupboards as their are allot of installers in South Africa that don’t do a good job. If you don’t know them start them of with a small kitchen project until you have confidence in them that they are going to do a good job on your big kitchen remodel project. Use stainless steel corner kitchen sinks as they have more packing space for your dishes and you won’t have to buy a dishwasher. Smeg has a really modern looking sink that fits well with a mixer and can be fit quite easily in your countertops just like Franke sinks. Franke also has awesome taps that swivel and can be used in porcelain basins, drop in sinks and undermount kitchen sinks as well.


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